Evolving Technologies and Enterprise Development Company Limited (e TecK)

e TEcK was established as a State Enterprise of the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago via a Cabinet Minute No. 3471 in December 2004 with the Mission of developing and nurturing Trinidad and Tobago’s non-energy sector through the creation of new industry, enterprise and services that are economically sustainable, technology driven, environmentally accountable, community-oriented and knowledge-based, acting always in the national interest.

Bourne out of its Mission is the following Mandate: “To be responsible for developing the light industrial estates in Trinidad and Tobago by encouraging diversification of the country’s production base, exploring niche areas of investment for local and foreign investors, as well as providing infrastructural support by development of e TecK parks throughout Trinidad and Tobago”. 

e TecK reports directly to the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) and is closely aligned with that Ministry’s purpose to 1. Develop and grow the country’s Trade, particularly exports; 2. Develop and grow Investments, both foreign and domestic and; Develop and grow businesses, both internal and external of Trinidad and Tobago, i.e. the internationalization of Trinidad and Tobago’s businesses. e TecK boasts a strong asset base consisting of the following: 

e TecK currently manages 19 existing Industrial Parks throughout Trinidad and Tobago and is building seven new plants built to fulfill demand for light industrial manufacturing shell space

Industrial Parks: e TecK currently manages 19 existing Industrial Parks throughout Trinidad and Tobago and is building seven new plants built to fulfill demand for light industrial manufacturing shell space.

Trinidad Hilton: The GORTT owns and operates the Trinidad Hilton and e TecK manages the 475 room property. 

The Tamana Intech Park (TIP): This 1,300 acres park will focus on developing three business Clusters these are in the areas of:

1. Downstream Energy Manufacturing 
2. Computer related services and production
3. Knowledge base Businesses which will utilize the presence of the University of Trinidad & Tobago’s main campus

The State Enterprise Joint Ventures (JV) include the following
Interfix Ventures, a U.S based software development and IT services company Valeo Software Limited, located in Trinidad and Tobago Valeo is responsible for Enterprise platform software development and provide a range of medical-transcription related consulting.

Vanguard is a JV that was established between e TecK, Hilton International and Tobago Plantations to operate the Tobago Hilton.

Genivar - e TecK is partnering with GENIVAR, a Canadian based group of professionals, in a JV with a view to develop a company wider project management capability. To achieve this mandate the JV will implement a training Program that will be the pioneer project in the development of a national project management capability among all state enterprises and government agencies in Trinidad and Tobago.

Affiliates include Bamboo Networks Limited and Medical Date Caribbean Limited (MDCL). e TecK’s affiliate with Bamboo consists of Software Development, Platform Integration, Maintenance and Implementation of Enterprise Applications. e TecK trains medical transcriptionists on behalf of the University of Trinidad and Tobago and MDCL is a holding company for Medical Transcription businesses. e TecK is managing GORTT’s National ICT Plan, geared towards making Trinidad and Tobago ‘e-ready and is spearheading the creation of an ICT sector.

Contact name
Khalid Hassanali, President 
Jeanine Dupigny, Manager Investments
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Tel: +868 675 1989
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