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Dr Piyush Chandra Agrawal is vice-president of GOPIO North America. He is an expert in education, a successful business entrepreneur, and a well-respected community service activist.

Dr Agrawal is very active in civic and social non-profit organisations. He has been the national president of the Association of Indians in America. 

In September 2003, Dr Agrawal had the honour of meeting President George W. Bush and asked him to start hosting Diwali festival at the White House. As a result, the first ever Diwali event was celebrated at the White House on October 23, 2003 and since then it has been celebrated every year.

Recently, he spearheaded a major initiative, in cooperation with other community leaders, to make the US-India Nuclear Treaty a reality. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh recognised his efforts by thanking him through a personal letter.

Dr Agrawal has about two dozen publications to his credit.

January 2009

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