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Yogi Ashwini          

Do you know what we call divine or ultimate spirit or divinity? What is that single quality by which it is defined? There is just one single quality which we call God or supreme spirit. Those who start getting closer to ‘God’—then automatically the same quality gradually starts increasing in that individual.

Divinity or divine has just one quality, a very specific quality - Attraction. Take the basis of the concept of Black Hole that scientists talk about. It is also attraction. Black Hole has everything, nothing can escape it. Manifested goes inside it and becomes unmanifested, otherwise where does it go? So if you want to understand divinity, look at the stages or steps. All those who are doing Yog properly, must have noticed one thing that those near to you must have started saying that “There is a positive change in you…you have become more attractive…. they feel like talking to you.” So what is this attraction? If you who have just entered yog carry that attraction, then just imagine how much attraction would those who are deep into Yog have and then how much attraction would the divine have?

Now why does the divinity have such strong attraction. It is because that energy is beyond the effect (prabhav mukt) of Raag-dwesh, sukh-dukh, paap-punya even though all of these exist inside it only. Mukt, means free. So the freedom we talk about is this very freedom, nothing else, that nothing can effect you. There is no effect of any thing on him/her as s/he is mukt, no matter what anybody says or does. So this is the quality Prabhaav mukt and attraction is its basis. The principle of attraction is the basis of this entire creation and divine is only that attraction, nothing else. The more the attraction, the more density of the mass. And the denser the mass, the more is its attraction, the more things will get attracted to it. So divine is basically attraction. It attracts everything. That is why it is said that nobody can understand its existence (astitva) because nobody can have that much attraction. In order to understand that one should have that much attraction, as only then one will be able to merge with it. But to have that much attraction is not possible for a human being and if it develops then that will become the swaroop.

Let me explain it further. In the divine spirit there is neither evil (paap) nor good (punya) but it has both paap and punya in it… paapi bhi hai punya-atma bhi hai aur paapi bhi nahi hai aur punya-atma bhi nahi hai Why? Because it is beyond the effect of paap-punya. This is something like asking — Is God happy or is God sad? God is neither; as God is beyond the effect of these two. Similarly God is neither raagi nor dweshi because God is beyond the effect of raag-dwesha. So God is both but at the same time neither. This is what we call balance. Till the time you take just one aspect of the creation, you will just keep going round and round and remain troubled. You won’t understand a thing, always take the creation in totality, understand it in totality. There is nothing which is inside it and there nothing which is not there in it. So neither we can call God evil (paapi) nor punya-atma and both are inside it also but there is no effect of that on God, so it does not matter. So when there is no effect of anything then that has the entire creation within it. So when something stops having an effect on you then that will then be completely in your control, it is not going to go anywhere as then you have had a merger with that. Now what do I mean by a merger? That there is no barrier between the two, you are that and that is you, there is no differentiation.

And even though its quality is attraction but it is beyond even that quality of attraction. Because God is not concerned with attracting anything else; it is not concerned about anything (kisi bhi chees se matlab nahi hai) and that is why everything inside it is maximum. It is Zero and infinity together, which is technically an impossibility. Something which is technically impossible is what is possible because ‘technical impossibility’ means that you are trying to understand with your mind and you just can’t understand it with your mind. You cannot understand what is beyond your five senses with any of your five senses. And it is only true yog which can take you beyond.

—The writer Yogi Ashwini Ji is the head of Dhyan Foundation, Delhi.
For Details contact: ashwiniyogi@yahoo.co.in

May 2012

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