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June 2011

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Sayantan Chakravarty


Some years ago, Forbes magazine described Indian Americans as “The New Model Minority”. Indeed, the Indian contribution to American society could no more be brushed aside as insignificant. The magazine looked at the success of Indian doctors, engineers, businesses, and yes, also spelling bee champions.

Even though constituting less than 1 per cent of the U.S. population, Indian Americans are 3 per cent of the nation’s engineers, 7 per cent of its IT workers and 8 per cent of its physicians and surgeons. The median income of households headed by Indian Americans was higher than other East Asians and Caucasian households, and far higher than other groups such as Hispanics and African Americans.

The magazine observed that “it is tempting to dismiss Indian-American dominance of the spelling bee as just a cultural idiosyncrasy. But Indian success in more important fields is just as eye-catching.”

Indeed it is no surprise that once again this year, the spelling bee champion is a young girl of Indian origin. We have put her on the cover as a symbol of the positive Indian presence in the world’s oldest democracy. Indians living in America are respected, perhaps because they are constantly prepared to raise the bar in whatever field they may be.

Elsewhere inside the magazine, find an article on the Know India Programme that helps overseas Indian students to familiarize themselves with India and get a slice of their ancestral land. There are other articles that will engage you like the one on Anand Giridharadas, a young man who looked Eastward and came to settle in India from the USA, reversing a family brain drain his father had started in the 1970s. 

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Sayantan Chakravarty

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