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Yog sets you free

Yogi Ashwini          

The science of Yog predates written language and has been benefiting mankind for nearly 16,000 years. Yog was part of the Vedic civilization, which has been around for many millennia. While civilizations like the Greeks, the Mayans and even Romans have become pages in history, itís this Vedic civilization, which is surely and steadily spreading to even the remotest corners of the globe. Nowadays at the Dhyan Foundation I get so many cases of people who have damaged their body by doing wrong Yog (at least thatís what they tell me). Every time I wonder that how can, in such a time tested science, there be something wrong? I always wonder, wrong Yog? Right Yog? Ö But there is no such thing, Yog is Yog and if practiced under a Guru is accurate, to the hilt. A Guru is fully responsible to his shishya and vice versa.

I remember once an overseas visitor who was fearful of Yog. In her last visit, she was made to twist and turn so much that she damaged her spine and had to cancel her ticket and take recourse to medical science. However, just by practicing under the guidance of a Guru, the lady went back absolutely enamoured by this wonderful science. Another time a gentleman who is a senior lawyer at the supreme court called frantically for a friend of his who was suffering from colitis and was doing a supposed form of Yog where you inhale and exhale very rapidly, such was the damage that the doctors had nearly given up on him. The practice of Sanatan Kriya gently got him back in balance and today he is a healthy man.

Once you are in balance only then can you be introduced to Yog, which as per Patanjali Rishi is Sukham Sthiram Asanam and Yog chitta vritti nirodha. So, donít do any rapid breathing or rapid abnormal postures, wherever even a slight pain or discomfort is felt, stop your asana there, where your breathing rate goes over 10 counts per minute, relax immediately, donít take Yog to be an exercise, which will affect your physical from the physical, take it to be a science of the complete being a science of the higher states of consciousness, which affects the etheric layers of the body and from there you effect a change in your physical... any change, which you desire.

Yog is about being normal, there are no abnormal breathing patterns, no rituals, no lifestyle and no diet in Yog, because Yog sets you free... from all bondages whether physical or emotional.

óThe writer Yogi Ashwini Ji is the head of Dhyan Foundation, Delhi.
For Details contact: ashwiniyogi@yahoo.co.in

June 2011

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