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Two Unicorns in nine years

New Delhi: In a video shared by Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar on X in May, B2B commerce firm OfBusiness Co-founder and CBO Nitin Jain said that with a conducive ecosystem and effective policies of the government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, “we could create two Unicorns in just nine years”.

Speaking at the ‘Vishesh Sampark Abhiyan’, Jain said, “We returned to India from the UK in 2014 because PM Modi was coming to power and it was a compelling chance to build something in India.” He added that what this government has set up is a large space to play and perform.

“Every SME, every contractor, and every small business is benefiting from the Digital India programme,” he said. Responding to Jain, PM Modi said in a post on X: “Your decision to return to India has truly paid off, Nitin.”

The Prime Minister also mentioned that due to the reforms of the last decade, a lot of people have been encouraged to innovate here. “I have always invited the world to invest in India,” PM Modi said. Meanwhile, Chandrasekhar said that after a robust decade of innovation and digital growth, the next 10 years will see India on the global map for emerging technologies, be it artificial intelligence (AI) or high-performance computing.

The areas of focus for PM Modi’s government for the next decade are electronics and microelectronics manufacturing, AI, telecom, high-performance computing, semiconductors, cybersecurity, automotive, and EVs.