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SOBHA in partnership with Karma Lakelands launches an Eco-luxe Paradise in Gurugram

By Yogesh Sood
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Delhi NCR, renowned for its cosmopolitan aura and ever-burgeoning economic appetite, has emerged as a focal point of expansion in the Indian real estate market in recent years.  This region continues to draw in homebuyers and investors seeking a lifestyle that is both exclusive and desirable.

With the rise in the city’s air quality index, buyer preferences towards eco-conscious projects have witnessed a noticeable shift. Homebuyers are increasingly drawn to sustainable living options that integrate green spaces and a closer connection to nature, reflecting a broader trend towards environmentally responsible urban living.   

The need of the hour for homebuyers has altered to green sanctuaries, air purification sanctums, and a healthy distance from pollution epicentres when selecting their homes of choice. In other words, the demand for sustainable projects that foster green lifestyles is as high as the temperature in NCR. However, the options that cater to the choices of these discerning few are only a handful.

SOBHA Limited, that has consistently set global benchmarks for quality in real estate, in association with Karma Lakelands, the pioneer of sustainable living in the National Capital Region, has recently launched SOBHA Aranya at Karma Lakelands, Gurugram. These 524 limited-edition eco-luxe residences come with curated amenities for all age groups, set in the 270-acre biodiverse community of Karma Lakelands that also houses an award-winning golf resort.

SOBHA Aranya offers a unique lifestyle to the discerning, eco-conscious homebuyers of Delhi NCR, who will experience the best of both worlds – unmatched luxury and nature-inspired, ecofriendly living. We believe this is the need of the hour, considering the effects of climate change all around us.

-Mr. Sumeet Chunkhare, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, SOBHA Ltd.


SOBHA Limited a Pioneer of Backward Integration with a Global Legacy

A reputation that reaches ahead of the brand as a torchbearer of delivering luxury homes of unparalleled quality, innovation, and dominance has positioned SOBHA Limited as the one to leave an indelible mark on every land it has touched. SOBHA’s visionary founder, PNC Menon, a luminary whose foresight to transcend mere brick and mortar, has shaped the present and future of the brand to acclaim international and national laurels.

Over the years, SOBHA has unfurled 206 architectural marvels across the Indian landscape, weaving tales of ingenuity and craftsmanship over a staggering 7.16 million square meters in the residential domain alone. But SOBHA’s influence exceed just statistics, as evidenced by its contracts and commercial business boasting an expansive portfolio encompassing 340 projects, sprawling over 5.53 million square meters in 27 cities nationwide.

 The principle of sustainable living is passionately inked at the core of SOBHA. From the design and the architecture of SOBHA projects, every level is immaculately prototyped for energy efficiency and the incorporation of renewable energy sources. Initiatives such as rainwater harvesting, green building materials, and efficient waste management systems are extensively practised by SOBHA to not only reduce its carbon footprint but also foster a healthier, more sustainable way of life for its residents.

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