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Mr. Jatin Goel, Executive Director, Omaxe Ltd., spoke to Business and Diplomatic Editor Yogesh Sood on a range of issues covering evolution in the Indian construction landscape to the high-profile Omaxe Chowk project in the heart of Delhi’s walled city.

By Yogesh Sood

What inspired you to become a part of the legacy set by your father Mr Rohtas Goel?

My father has been an inspiration with his visionary leadership and dedication to excellence in the real estate sector. His legacy has embedded in us the values of integrity, innovation, and commitment to customer satisfaction, which have motivated me to carry forward his vision and contribute to the growth of our company, Omaxe Ltd. We aim to curate the best for our clients and abide by the faith that they’ve shown in us over the years.

Having earned a Master’s in Management from the London School of Economics, were there other options that you were exploring? Or was it an easy decision to join the family business?

Pursuing a Master’s in Management broadened my perspective and equipped me with valuable skills. However, my deep-rooted connection to the family business and its ethos made joining Omaxe Ltd. a natural choice. This also gave me an opportunity to leverage my education to further enhance the company’s design and development capabilities, which was immensely appealing. Also, joining the family business doesn’t mean enjoying the perks of being in a well-deserved position but taking up a role that comes with the responsibility of proving your mettle and taking your brand to new heights.

You spearhead the Design and Development arm of the group. Could you throw some more light on it?

As the head of the Design and Development arm of Omaxe Group, I oversee the conceptualisation and execution of our projects and try to ensure that the developments reflect our commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. We focus on integrating modern architectural trends with functional design elements to create spaces that resonate with the evolving needs and aspirations of our customers. Our motto is to create projects that are no less than global infrastructures and cater to the needs of our patrons really well. We conduct thorough market research before finalising an appropriate design for any project.

Having seen real estate evolve in India, would you say that our commercial deliverables match up with the best in the world, or is there some distance to cover?

India’s real estate sector has witnessed remarkable growth over the past few decades, but it has a long way to go in order to match global standards. However, we have been gradually bridging the gap with advancements in technology, sustainability, and urban planning and a constant urge to meet customer demand while adhering to international architecture. We strive to set new benchmarks in commercial deliverables by prioritising quality, aesthetics, and functionality in our projects.

Please  take us through the holistic living experiences that you create?

We believe in offering more than just homes; we curate holistic living experiences. Our projects are designed to provide residents with a blend of comfort, convenience, and recreational amenities. From landscaped gardens and sports facilities to community centres and wellness zones, fully equipped gyms and spas, swimming pools, children’s play areas, 24*7 power backup, and various other facilities, we aim to foster a sense of well-being and belonging among our residents.

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