Hosting a dinner for the president of the United States is a feast very few people can claim to. Vinod Kholsa joins those exalted ranks with an intimate dinner with Barack Obama that costs $32,500 per head.

Amidst the turmoil generated by the leaked NSA data, President Obama took some time to visit the famous venture capitalist in his Portola Valley home for a dinner that included Neeru Khosla and selected guests. Considering that Khosla is one of the more high-profile Republicans, does the meeting herald a possible mellowing of relations between the democratic incumbent and the Republican base?

These visits are a part of Obama’s fundraising for Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Earlier that evening, a meeting with the president at the Palo Alto home of Flipboard CEO Mike McCue had commanded a far more modest fee of $2500 per head.

—Courtesy: theiitian.com


Billionare Vinod Khosla has been sued by the Surfrider Foundation for closing access to his exquisite coastal property of Martin’s Beach, near Half Moon Bay, California.

The denial of access, the foundation claims, is in direct violation of the California Coastal Act of 1976. Of course, the matter isn’t that clearcut.

While the group alleges that the closing of an access road used to reach the beach is a violation, the Coastal Act doesn’t explicitly mandate private owners to open up their grounds to provide such access. Consequently, numerous disputes have arisen over the years upon this point.

In this particular case, the beach has been described by Mark Massara, a lawyer for Surfrider, as “the most beautiful beach in San Mateo County.” The previous owners of the land had long allowed locals access the beach for a nominal fee. However, with the purchase of the property by Martin’s Beach LLC in 2008, gates were installed and access rescinded.

Lawsuits and Presidential dinners – it’s all simply a day in the life of the “uberVC” Vinod Khosla. p

—Courtesy: theiitian.com


November 2013

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