Yogi Ashwini          

You hear people saying that they want to lead a spiritual life, but what is a spiritual life? Human being is combination of purush and prakriti. Purush is the atma and prakriti is the five tattvas – prithvi, jal, vayu, akash and agni. When purush enters a body, it becomes jeevatma and that is called a spirit.

Tattvas in themselves are nishkriya (inactive), whereas atma is nirantar kriyasheel (constantly active). When tattvascome in contact with the atma, for sometime, they become active due to the tej (glow) of the atma, however, it is not possible to understand the atma through these tattvas.

An ordinary human being, takes the body (or the five elements) to be the reality and continues to chase the tattvas,which are constantly changing form. The same tattvas constitute this wall, that chair, you and me and are constantly undergoing a change from one form to the other. And when that change of form happens, the person is unable to understand what is happening and gets scared.
Majority of you think the tattvas, that make up your physical body, as the truth and want a spiritual journey with them but tattvas will not take you on a spiritual journey. It is like asking to be at two places at the same time, that 'everything should happen while staying here'.

The tattvas will remain here only, and those of you who relate to them as your self, will also remain right here, you will not go anywhere. You will take another similar body and go through similar experience and this will go on till you are attached to the unreal. It is the tattvas that come under the effect of maya, the atma/spirit is not affected by maya. The one who is tied to the tattvas, is under the effect of maya and veiled by maya, he walks in the opposite direction and so he stumbles upon something, falls and gets hurt. This is the reality of the physical world, the reason why every person is troubled, because he wants the spiritual through the physical.

A Guru can make you have the darshan of atma in a moment, provided you also have the desire for the atma. You consider the tattvas as reality and say that you are spiritual, you want something else and the reality is something else – the darshan of spirit does not happen this way. Everything in the physical world, the world of tattvas is temporary, it is bound by time. Today it is with this soul, tomorrow it will be with that one. The soul thinks it is changing the body, while in reality it is the body that is changing souls, as it is constantly changing forms. Because every single thing in this physical world is nashwar, everything is bound by a specific and limited time. So if you identify yourself with anything that you possess, including your body, then remember, it is soon going to end. Just try holding onto sand with both your hands and see what happens. Seconds later you will be wondering where did all the sand go...

Majority of the people even after crossing 60, 70 or even 80, talk to me only about the physical – ‘Tell us the cure for this'. What will happen even if you get a cure? What will happen if that cure makes you live for a few more years? What feats will you achieve in those few more years that you could not achieve in the last half century? These few more years will also pass, much faster than the last half century and you would still want more 'few more years'. It is imperative to understand here that this is maya and the only reason for creation to go on, taking you down by the birth by ensuring your attachments dont leave you and you remain stuck to the unreal even much later in age. At that time and age, all you can think of is to save the body, somehow. You have no idea if there really is something called a spirit or if there is anything besides the body at all and you do not even want to find out or know. You have no confidence in yourself or your Guru figure. You do not know what you are doing, where you are going, what are you wanting, so what should I show you? How can I make you have the darshan of the shakti which you do not believe in? You neither belive in the medium, nor the channel or the shakti, you understand tattvas as real.

What you call a spiritual life, is only possible when you have the belief that these tattvas, your body, is nashwar. Everything that you have will slip away from you, just like sand – when you believe in this, only then can you go beyond it, otherwise you cannot.

So be sure - what is it that you want? The side of the spirit or the physical? Once you have made up your mind, let me know, and I will tell you what to do to achieve it.

 - The Writer Yogi Ashwini Ji is the head of Dhyan Foundation, Delhi.
For details contact: ashwiniyogi@yahoo.co.in.

May 2013

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