The Beginning of the End

Yogi Ashwini          

I tell everyone, when travelling, that before you enter the city, or take off from a city, look at the lights - the numerous lights in all those buildings around you. Like those lights in the buildings and homes there are problems in each and every home too. In every city, every country, I see the same type of problems everywhere. You can divide all these problems into five different categories. Interestingly, all problems fit under these five categories. They are 

1. Financial – Money problems, or problem at your work place.
2. Relationship with spouse- Your relationship is going bad. 
3. Relationship among parents and children –Either the parents are not happy or the children are not happy .
4. Health - Some disease has entered the body, so you are busy trying to get rid of the disease with some medicine, some technique… anything .
What do you think is the 5th problem?
5. Emotions - You are emotionally congested. Somebody is troubling you or you are troubling somebody else. 

And these five problems exist in every home. There is no sixth problem. Whenever you take off, you see so many houses. So many millions and millions of homes and every home has the same problem. 
When the soul leaves the body from one home, it jumps to another home. Experiences the same problems, then jumps again, and then is faced with the same problems! Maximum it will jump into another city, again same problems. Or further into another country, another continent. But everywhere the problems are the same. There is no sixth problem. I have not come across any sixth problem. 

What I believe is - the problem is not these five difficulties. It is something else. There is something else that is the issue here. And that is -selfishness. Selfishness is the real problem. You see, every body is looking at their own body or their immediate family. Nobody is looking beyond one’s own family and immediate circle. So when you are not looking beyond your body and family, obviously these five problems will arise. The day you stop looking at your own body, your family and your immediate circle, these problems will start to dissolve. And once that starts to happen, you will be so amused, as I’m amused. Every house, every city I go to, every country I go to - same problems.

When I tell people to turn from selfishness to selflessness, nobody understands. Because you can not understand, your senses will not allow you to understand. Just look at your senses, your senses will say why? The senses will say, give one good reason, just one good reason, why should I be selfless? Why should I do something for somebody else without getting anything in return? What is the point in thinking of somebody else? They are not interested. 

Let me tell you each and every type of problem will start out of this bottom line. Your emotional problems, your health problems, your financial problems, the relationship problem, will start from this- I want for my self. Why am I not getting it? Why is everybody getting? Why is she getting, why is he getting, why am I not getting? So, when you are thinking only of yourself then, obviously there is going to be a problem! 

Forget about everything else, you just look at all the yoga schools. Yoga is supposed to the centre of dharma. But most yoga schools have turned commercial. They are also thinking what am I getting out of my 500 students? What will be my bank balance? They are not thinking of the general good at all. Selfishness is evident there too!

In Van parva of Sampoorna Mahabharat , Rishi Markande , 5000 years back wrote, for all the sensible and intelligent people-‘ that towards the end of Kalyug, in the final stages, this is going to be the indication. A time will come when the yoga Gurus will be selling the Vedas. Markande Rishi categorically says, “Yoga Guru’s will be selling the Vedas, and that will be the indication that the end of creation is coming nearer because when you are selling the dharam, there is nothing left after that.’’ Even more interesting thing he said was that nobody will be criticizing the sellers of dharma either. It was written 5000 years back, selling yoga will be considered as normal as selling potatoes! 
Secondly he said that there will be no such thing as relationship between a man and woman. Such relationships will finish. No man will be satisfied with any woman and no woman will be satisfied with any man. Can you imagine 5000 years back a Rishi writing this! He said these two changes will indicate the beginning of the end of Kalyug. 

You will be amazed. He even said that before such a time comes the yug cannot finish, it will remain, it can go on and on. Only when dharam is going to go down, that is, when Vedas will be sold, and these problems will start; there will be no criticism of those selling the Vedas, will the yug end. You can now see that dharma is going down and the end of creation is coming. 

 - The Writer Yogi Ashwini Ji is the head of Dhyan Foundation, Delhi.
For details contact: ashwiniyogi@yahoo.co.in.

March 2013

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