The Universe Unites, Man Divides


The Universe always unites. The Universe does not distinguish between colours, people or habitats. The sun shines in equal measure, the stars can be seen from anywhere on earth, the crops are meant to feed, no matter which part of the world they grow, and all eco-systems—the marine, the river, the desert, the mountain—have an important part to play. The Universe recognizes also that man’s nature is alike, and, therefore, provides a level playing field when it comes to natural resources. Even its laws are Universal. There is enough for everybody. The Universe bathes mankind in love, without barriers.

But man is a master divider. For millennia he has learnt to play games, so that he can divide and rule. He has even learnt how to control love, and create hate. When games are played, there must be teams, and there must be divisions. Someone must win, someone must lose. Some must remain angry, and some must hate. When people play competitive sport, they are desperate to win. If a team loses, the manager loses his job, sponsors back off, the players are taken out. So winning is the important ingredient that keeps spectator interest alive. Teams win, nations win, people win, and the great game show goes on.

Man carves out nations, divides territories, and further goes on dividing the territories, until people come to look at one another with the kind of rivalry that players from two competitive teams can display.

Man even divides the sun’s rays appearing at the same time on earth in order to create different time zones. The sun shines on the Pacific at the same time. The rays fall on nations few miles apart at the same time. Yet man has made them 24 hours apart, by introducing an imaginary dateline between them.

Man creates nations that must then advertise their difference with other nations. A nation’s people must then feel different from those of other nations. Man will then have to say that his mountain is prettier than another mountain, his music superior to another. Man has created money so that nations can become more powerful, or less so. The richer nations must then dominate, the poorer must then bend backwards. Some languages spoken by the less privileged will be erased, and some languages spoken by the richer will come to be more important than others. The earth must be exploited, so that there is more money for some, at the cost of displacing many. More devices and gadgets must be created, so that more can be sold, such that people remain constantly attached to the outer world. They must sell to remain in business, and ethics can then take a back seat. Some will go all out to gain, and stop at nothing.

Man’s games are not in sync with what the Universe has created and abundantly provided. He has chosen to look another way. The Universe always unites. Man divides.

June 2013

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