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Our physical body is made up of organs, bones, skin, muscles, tissues. The physical limitation of seeing the body tissue culture is a microscope in the physical. We observe that different parts of the human body are made up of different cells which differ from each other in their structure and function. Around 16,000 years ago, Rishi Atreye in Sankhya philosophy gave us the knowledge of Anu and Paramanu. He also gave the concept of nuclear fission and fusion and told us about the large amount of energy produced by them and how to harness this energy. Anu or cell is the first step of the manifested creation. 

A normal person has no control on the unmanifested creation unlike a yogi. Each cell has a cell membrane and a nucleus and moves spirally in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction. The cells of the different organ systems have the same movement but differ in the frequency of this movement. In Sankhya philosophy this frequency of movement of the cell is called prana. When the cell becomes nishkriya, it does not move. This implies that the pranic energy which makes it move has left it. The cells of each organ multiply and give form to that organ, for example, in a liver; all the cells appear similar but are not exactly the same. Liver has different layers and different functions. Cells of each layer and similar function are same. 

Cells of different parts of the human body have a different dhwani. Cells of the lower body have the Dhwani A; Cells of the middle portion have the dhwani U and the upper portion have the dhwani M .These are the basic divisions and have further subdivisions corresponding to the part of the cell. Therefore, cell is the basis of physical life and it is the first level of formation of human body. A cell gets energized or jagrit when it receives prana of a particular frequency. It then multiplies to form new cells which constitute the human body. Heiflic limit, as given by our Medical Sciences now, was given 5000 years ago by our Ancient Rishis. This limit defines the number of times a cell multiplies in the human body. Ova and sperm cells as well as brain cells are the immortal cells which never die. This implies that the brain capacity as well as the reproductive capacity of the human body should ideally never decrease, but we find that diseases like Parkinsons disease and diseases related to impotency are very common. The Heiflic limit can be 2 to 50 times depending on the body organ. 

What we need to understand here is that, each cell has to die and in its place a new cell has to come when the original cell multiplies. But the next cell formed after multiplication is weaker than the previous one. This is the philosophy of ageing. The death of the original cell and a new cell taking its place is inevitable, so this implies that ageing is also inevitable. 

In France, a scientist Carl did experiments on chicken cells. He kept chicken cells in a saline solution and constantly changed the solution and added nutrients to it. In this way, he kept the chicken cell alive for 20 years whereas the life of a chicken is between six months to 1 year. This implies that if we are constantly cleansing our body and rejuvenating it with non-toxic and nourishing foods, our body will not age (or age at a decreasing rate). This concept is similar to what our Ayurvedic Rishis had propagated when they told us about the 7 Shatkarmas (cleansing of body by Kunjal, Shatprakshalan) and rejuvenating it with fresh food stuffs. Non-toxic and nourishing foods imply foods with no chemical additions. Chemicals are dangerous for the cells. Cell to cell communication takes place through the cell wall. Chemicals in the food make a coating on the cell wall which blocks the cell to cell communication. This confuses the cell and it starts sending wrong signals. This leads to diseases and ailments in the body. Therefore, chemical-induced foods should not be included in our diet and organic foods should be given preference. 

A simple Kriya can be done to slow the ageing process. If we close our eyes and visualize the movement of brain neurons with our awareness and increased consciousness, we become aware of all the brain cells which are light violet in color and moving spirally 3.5 times outwards and 3.5 times inwards. Now we restrict our awareness to just cell from this cluster of cells and with our awareness decrease the speed of movement of this one cell to half. Remember, the speed has to be reduced to just half and not made very slow otherwise the metabolism of the body will become too slow. This kriya can be done at night before sleeping and it will slow the ageing process as the brain controls the activities of other organs of the body also, If the cell movement is fast, its degeneration is also fast and this causes ageing and diseases in the body. In 7 years, our complete body changes, that is, apart from immortal cells, all the cells of the body get replaced by new cells. Therefore, 7 years is the period when we see difference in our physical bodies. But if we keep our body clean by Shatkarmas and Sanatan Kriya, eat nourishing foods which are fresh and reduce the speed the spiral movement of brain cells , the ageing will be slow. Our physical senses will be fully active till our life force get exhausted and its time to leave this physical body. In yog we understand that it is the Sukshma which is controlling the physical. We use our consciousness as the force to make desirable changes in our body (give it any shape we want to), made it healthy and slow the ageing process. Read about many more such techniques in Sanatan Kriya: The Ageless Dimension by Yogi Ashwini.

 - The Writer Yogi Ashwini Ji is the head of Dhyan Foundation, Delhi.
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April 2013

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