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 (L-R) Mr R. Raghuttama Rao, MD & CEO Indian Credit Rating Agency (ICRA) Management Consulting Services Limited (IMaCS); Mr Deepak Sharma, Executive Vice President Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd; Mr T.K. Manoj Kumar, Joint Secretary (DS), Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs; Hon Sayyad Abd-Al-Cader Sayed-Hossen Minister of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection of Mauritius; Mr Cedric de Speville, President, Mauritius Chamber of Commerce & Industry; Mr. Prashant Pise Deputy High Commissioner, High Commission of India; Mr Rajiv Arora, Vice Chairman, Rajasthan Foundation and Ms Sujata Sudarshan CEO, Overseas Indian Facilitation Centre


Overseas Indian Facilitation Centre (OIFC) organized India-Mauritius Business Round Table (IMRBT) in Mauritius on October 26, 2012 in association with Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA), High Commission of India and the Government of Mauritius. Over 250 delegates from Mauritius and India attended the Business Round Table.

The Business Round Table showcased a unique platform to connect the Indian Diaspora, Mauritian citizens and citizens of other countries to investment opportunities in India Mauritius and Africa. The two plenary sessions consisted of interactions over themes like how the Indian Diaspora can engage with India in various sectors and, Mauritius a Gateway to do business in Africa. These discussions and presentations focused on the enormous opportunities for Indian Diaspora to engage with India in healthcare, financial services and banking, energy, education and many more sectors.

Mr T.K. Manoj Kumar, Joint Secretary (DS), Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (left) lights the lamp CEO OIFC Sujata Sudarshan (left) with Minister Cader Sayed-Hossen

Inaugurating the Business Round Table, the Hon CaderSayed-Hossen, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection of Mauritius said “We highly welcome the India – Mauritius Business Round Table. We hope through these business interactions, Mauritius may succeed to transit to next phase of its economic growth. We value the business acumen and expertise of Indian business leaders who can help Mauritius to develop its high technological industries.”

OIFC endeavors to generate a greater momentum towards a deeper, strengthened and diverse partnership between the two countries through the B2B meetings organized between the delegates and the representatives of State Governments and industry players from India.

Indian Diaspora can play an active role in not only capitalizing on economic opportunities in India, but also help build synergies between India and Mauritius and with Mauritius as the gateway to Africa for India.

Attended by an aggregate of business and industry leaders from the Indian Industry chambers and the states of India, the India Business Roundtable served as a privileged platform for interaction for all those who wanted to partner with India and the Indian diaspora spread over continents.
Speaking at the Business Round Table, Mr. Dev Chamroo, CEO of Enterprise Mauritius said, “Investors should not see Mauritius as a landing strip but rather like a runway to take-off their businesses worldwide. We would like to create joint ventures with Indian partners to reach the wider African market”.

The OIFC’s meet provided a new dimension to Indian Mauritius Business Relation through the involvement and support of the Indian diaspora.


November 2012

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