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Taking the reins on life

Journey toward finding personal life purpose explored in inspirational new read

In The Path Of Light With Maa
Publisher: Balboa Press
Author: Swami Parameshwarananda
Total pages: 242
Price: US $ 19.95

DENVER: A new book is helping give readers the reins on their own lives in the ongoing search for personal life purpose.

Swami Parameshwarananda is coming forward about his own personal journey with In the Path of Light with Maa. Serving as a resource for people to gain a clearer understanding of the power they have over their life path, the book encourages readers to transform their lives. An educated spiritual coach and healing practitioner, Parameshwarananda has personally questioned the purpose of life and its accompanying challenges, and now hopes to reveal the insight that has led to his awakening.

“The path isn’t usually clear, but we’re all on a journey to find out who we really are,” he says. “This book encourages us to embrace who we are now while also taking steps to recreate ourselves.”

Parameshwarananda was inspired to write stories and share his experience after 17 years of personal transformation with Her Holiness Sai Maa, whose mission is to spread global enlightenment through personal change. The book, also accompanied by the workbook Inside Tips: A Transformation Workbook, provides readers applicable lessons in the pursuit of fulfillment and happiness.

“If I could change my life given how angry and clueless I was, if I could come out of the cave and into the light, then anyone can and I am here to help them do it,” he says.

The book also ties relevant global issues to what is going on inside us as individuals, addressing the question of how to move from fear to love and how to improve overall health and relationships. An engaging read, In the Path of Light with Maa brings together stories and practical life lessons to expand on Parameshwarananda’s transformational coaching platform.

“We become the masters that we always have been through discipline and practice,” he says. “We transform through action.”


“When a businessman in the U.S. realizes there is more to life than what he is experiencing, he makes a rare choice to find what his heart is guiding him toward. When that guidance takes him into a new world of meeting a female guru from whom he feels the powerful energy of spiritual love, a new life story begins which he could never imagine. This is his story – filled with all the emotion and excitement of beginning a totally new way of life, and trusting its unknown journey.”
—Virginia Essene, author of the eBook, What Every Human Must Know to Survive and Thrive on Planet Earth, and ten books including New Teachings for an Awakening Humanity, Energy Blessings from the Stars, and Earth, the Cosmos and You.

“This book is a vital tool to understand and explore the real path of wisdom. Swamiji’s journey under the divine guidance o­­f Sai Maa inspires us to understand the purpose of our worldly life. Readers will be fascinated by the treasures of love and energy that unfold through spiritual discovery. As our ultimate mission in life is self-transformation to attain joy and bliss, I encourage all my brothers and sisters to experience these universal lessons.”
—Suresh Ramburn, MBE, Mauritius

“The reality of enlightenment is far beyond any concept of western science, psychology or therapy. The authentic experience presented in this book is written in a way that this reality can touch the minds and hearts of people who are imprinted by growing up in the western culture. Beyond this, it gives a concept for the mind to relate to and a structure to wrk towards remembering this internal state.”
—Herwig Schoen, Founder of Reconnective Therapy

March 2012

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