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Excerpted from a report titled ‘Returning Indians—all that you need to know’ that was prepared by OIFC’s Knowledge Partner Deloitte and released by the Prime Minister at the 2012 PBD in Jaipur
Government of Gujarat
There is a NRI Division set up by the Government of Gujarat with a view to establish effective communication with NRIs of Gujarati origin in various parts of the world. The main objectives of the Division are to:-
• Prepare and maintain a comprehensive database about NRIs of Gujarati origin.
• Study from time to time social and cultural issues of NRI of Gujarati origin and take steps to formulate schemes for meeting their requirements.
• Take effective steps to survey and assess the technical and professional skills of NRIs and to dovetail the same in the developmental efforts of the State.
• Create a database on Non-Resident Gujaratis (NRGs) highlighting the professional areas of interest.
• Enable Government of Gujarat and its agencies to communicate with NRGs with relevant interest.
• Facilitate Government of Gujarat to initiate steps to address the specific needs of NRGs in different fields.
• Tap the technological, managerial and financial resources of the NRI so as to upgrade the technical and professional skills and the human resources of the State, for the economic and industrial development of the State.
• Channelize the savings and surplus financial resources of the NRIs in to the developmental efforts of the State for mutual benefits.
• Monitor the general welfare of the NRI and, in times of crisis, identify specific problems of Gujarati Non Resident Indians groups and take up the same with and through Government of India.

In order to facilitate the achievement of above objectives, the Government has in addition set up the ‘Gujarat State Non-Resident Gujaratis’ Foundation (NRGF)’.

Useful contact details:- 

Gujarat State Non-Resident Indian Department
Block No. 7 / 1st Floor, Sardar Bhavan
Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar
Ph: +91-79-23250474, 23250478
Email: ds-nri-gad@gujarat.gov.in
Website: www.nri.gujarat.gov.in

Gujarat State Non-Resident Gujaratis’ Foundation

Office – Block No. 16, 3rd Floor
Udhyog Bhavan
Gandhinagar – 382011
Ph: +91-79-23238278, 23251314
Email: nrgfoundation@yahoo.co.in
Website: www.nri.gujarat.gov.in

For more information, log on to www.gujarat.gov.in

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