GOPIO Merger


GOPIO Reunion has officially joined GOPIO International and is no longer part of a breakaway group. Seen in this picture (below) are Mr Paul Canaguy (second from right), president of GOPIO Reunion and Mr Ashook Ramsaran, president of GOPIO International at the GOPIO’s annual banquet on January 6. It was held at the Marriot Hotel, Jaipur. Others in the picture include Sayantan Chakravarty (extreme right), Mr Paneer Selvam from Puducherry (second from right), Mr Gilbert Canabady, eminent businessman from Reunion (extreme right), Mr Serge Camatchy, Vice President of Region Reunion (second from left), Mr and Mrs Valeama (extreme left and third from left) who have revived folk drama. Also in the picture is Mr Ved Goojha from GOPIO France

Umesh Chandra named 

‘People’s Ambassador’

Prime Minister Julia Gillard in January congratulated 40 Australians who have been recognised for their outstanding work in building strong and cohesive local communities. Brisbane identity, Umesh Chandra was today named a People of Australia Ambassador. Mr Chandra arrived in Australia with his family in 1987 and began community work in 1990. In 1991 he was instrumental in the formation of Hindu Society of Queensland of which he later served as President for three years.

Following on from Hindu Society of Queensland, Mr Chandra was involved in the formation of Queensland Fiji Soccer Association. His passion for community work saw him take on the role as a broadcaster at the community radio station 4EB where he has been a broadcaster since 2003. He has also been for the past five years the presenter of the 'Bollywood Show' on community radio 99.7fm. It was in 2003 that Mr Chandra launched Queensland's first full colour community newspaper for the Indian and ethnic communities.

Mr Chandra was appointed Secretary General of Federation of Indian Communities of Queensland (FICQ) and was very active in reviving the activities of FICQ which had been dormant for a few years prior to his election. GOPIO International (Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin) chose Mr Chandra to spear head GOPIO activities in Queensland. As the founder President he lifted the profile of GOPIO Queensland through participation at various International conventions. As of January 2012, Mr Chandra has been appointed as the GOPIO International Coordinator Oceania taking under his jurisdiction Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

Mr Chandra is currently the President of Queensland Multicultural Council of which he is also a founder member.

February 2012

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