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Our ancient rishis were absolute authorities on the sciences of the body, mind and spirit. Such was their mastery on the above subjects that till date even after thousands of years of so called advancements in modern science have completely failed in bettering their formulas, even till now some dangerous diseases which have baffled mankind and have no cure, these have been described along with the curable types exhibiting different symptoms and the incurable types which have their own set of unique symptoms with such accuracy are the symptoms described that they have asked the vaid not even to attempt a cure where certain symptoms are apparent, for a cure would fail and it would bring disrepute to the art. Nowadays we find the majority of miracle healers and so called yoga and ayurved experts who openly lay claim to curing every malady of the modern day man, though of course for a fee.

I would like to once more lay emphases on the importance of elimination. Ayurveda says that death begins in the colon, that’s how important it is to keep the colon clean. I will give here one more very effective tonic for elimination and then move on to aphrodisiacs or sukra vardhaka Rasayans.

Charaka Rishi says to take seven black pepper corns and make them into a fine powder, add one teaspoon of a year old honey and eat it first thing in the morning with a glass of warm water, an amazing glow would be felt after a month of regular use.

Aphrodisiacs are not for sexual gratifications they are for preserving the beauty and glow of the body and for the purpose of procreation. Certain formulas would have non vegetarian components and that brings negative karma to the user if it is being had for the sake of physical pleasures, one is excused if it is for survival, procreation or improving ailing health.

Charaka Samhita Verse 18, chikitsa sthanama says: One prashtha (about 640 gm) cow ghee boiled with shatavari (Sita var) and ten times of milk along with raw sugar, pippali and honey makes an excellent aphrodisiac.

Note: All the Rasayans and tonics and herbal concoctions which are being prescribed are to be strictly taken keeping in mind the cautions given.  

—The writer is an ayurved expert from Dhyan Foundation.
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October 2010

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