The lively talk show on Doordarshan

Mental health issues are critical in today’s fast-paced world where competition and cash often take precedence over calmness and cool. The Mann Ki Baat programme on Doordarshan, therefore, becomes all the more important today—it robustly addresses issues afflicting a large cross segment of Indian population. The current capsule that is shown at 8.30 a.m. every Wednesday and Friday addresses work-related stress and how people can manage emotional behavior to control its impact on their lives.

Earlier episodes on the show—ranging from psychological issues confronting child-raising, adolescents, middle and old age have generated a tremendous response across a cross section of the Indian audience. With its vast outreach in India’s rural belt and hilly terrain that is yet untouched by cable television, Doordarshan’s importance is significant. With programming such as Mann Ki Baat, this mammoth state broadcasting machinery is finally getting its act together.

As seasoned psychiatrist and the programme’s architect and anchor Avdesh Sharma aptly puts it, “We live in stressful times and a major area where we face stress is at our workplace. An increasing number of men and women are struggling hard to cope with stress at work and feel burdened and overloaded. Some are driven to nervous breakdowns and even burnout. We explore reasons behind this new occupational malaise and discover ways to cope…”

Today millions of Indian women in the work arena in different spheres are proudly managing their careers and homes, shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts. Behind this confident exterior there are women who are extremely stressed in trying to cope with a male dominated world. Are women particularly more prone to stress issues at work or are there several other gender-specific problems that they have to put up with at their workplace? This topic will be the point of discussion in yet another episode in the capsule.

October 2010

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