By Sultan M Hali
India is rapidly moving towards an uncertain future stemming from the growing public pessimism out of its conservatism, because Congress and its clone BJP’s role is adding conceit and smugness to the hollow slogans of ‘Shining India’. Indian Congress’s rediscovery of poverty as the root cause of its problems and sloganeering to end this menace have made little or no headway. India is sitting on the heap of public discontent that can erupt like a volcano at any moment as its Prime Minister has turned down the proposal to provide free grain to the poor, as impractical proposal. 

The despondency and despair of the common man in India can be gauged from the number of suicides by its impoverished masses. India’s illusions of grandeur and its propaganda machinery, which duped President Obama to declare that “India is not rising but has risen”, are based on self deception. It appears that in the Indian government, everyman-for-himself is prevalent. 

“...Indian masses now believe that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is surely “in office but not in power. ...The stark disparity between poverty stricken down-castes vis-ŕ-vis affluent Brahman class, is being denied all opportunities”

The recent scandal in which Dr. Manmohan Singh faces huge criticism because of the corruption scandal involving the botched sale of 2G telecom licenses in 2008 at a small fraction of their value had cost the country up to 40 billion dollars depicts not only that his government lacks firm leadership quality but the Indian masses now believe that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is surely “in office but not in power”.
The stark disparity between poverty stricken down-castes vis-ŕ-vis affluent Brahman class, is being denied all opportunities. Their excitable passions are like a fuel that can catch fire to enflame ‘Shining India’. The Banias and Upper caste exploiters have crippled India but maliciously blame the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and others through relentless propaganda. Indian economy has been exploited for many years. Ambanis, Mittals, Agarwals and Birlas in general have swindled India since 90% of the market share in Telecom is with them, but their agents ask new entrants to pay Rs. 170,000 crores. Here too there is caste system at play because they do not object to dual licenses taken by Banias at a low price. Two thirds of entire Oil & Gas reserves along with other minerals have been sold to Ambanis. The Hindu Banias have ruined India’s economy through the following malpractices. They introduced Take Over code that limited NRI investments in companies, but allowed unqualified families to illegally raise equity in companies from under 12% to 50% to 90%; they dismantled FERA, sabotaged or delayed “Patents” to millions of Indian Engineers SMEs. 

They sold or leased National Wealth in Oil & Gas, Mines & Minerals to select corporate almost free, have reduced direct credit to farmers promoted high cost Micro Finance. They have promoted or allowed “Subcontracting of Major Works” and promoted Crooks, Astrologers, Communal Elements to sabotage development. One after another, many big corruption scandals are continuing to tumble out of the UPA Government’s cabinet. The Comptroller & Auditor General has now exposed the biggest scandal relating to the 2G Spectrum allocation, mentioned earlier, which involves a massive loss of about Rs.176,000 crore to the Indian exchequer. Union Minister for Communications and IT, A Raja, has already been forced out. There is even a possibility of Manmohan Singh’s Government being brought down on this issue.

The corruption scandal of Commonwealth Games, held in Delhi, also reportedly involves massive misappropriations from a huge expenditure of Rs.70,000 crore to Rs. 90,000 crore.

—Courtesy Pakistan Observer

December 2010

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