Column: T. Selva

Surroundings are important

Do not buy a plot of land that has a graveyard either in front of it or at the back. Such surroundings will only bring fear and give no peace of mind to the owner.

Buying a plot near a place of worship should also be avoided, especially if the shadow of a temple structure falls on the property because it can cause undesirable problems.
Other unfavourable surroundings are cinemas, schools, stadiums—any place, in fact, where there are large gatherings.

Land that slopes towards the west and south will be a source of financial trouble and destruction; it would be advisable to fill such a slope with earth to make the portion slightly higher or the same level with the rest of the plot. 

What would be good is a body of water like a lake or a river on the north-east of the plot; this is highly recommended.

Also, if the land slopes towards the east and north, it will bring fortune and luck. Hills and boulders in the south and south-west side of the plot are also good.

Elevations and depressions: Vaastu also pays great attention to the elevation and depression of a plot. The following indicates what could happen according to the direction in which the land is elevated.
· East - Loss of child
· West - Prosperity for sons
· South - Favourable health
· North - Loss of child
· Northeast - Financial problems and loss of family members
· Southeast - Loss of wealth
· Southwest - Financial gains
· Northwest - Wealth and luxury in life
· Central elevation - Fame and wealth. 

The following indicates what could happen according to the direction in which the land is depressed.
· East - Health, wealth and long life
· West - Loss of wealth and no peace of mind
· North - Auspicious and happy family life
· South - Troubled health and wealth
· Northeast - Very auspicious
· Southeast - Fire and enemy prone
· Southwest - Harmful to health and wealth
· Northwest – Migration
· Central depression - Inauspicious and harmful to health

When purchasing a new or second-hand house or apartment, the first thing one should do is to enter the property and stand in the centre with eyes closed to feel the “vibrations”.
If the vibrations make you feel happy, next check the compass directions of the living room, kitchen and master bedroom (the best directions were discussed in a previous article) before deciding to buy the property. 

Selva currently provides daily tips on Vaastu Shastra on Malaysian radio and television and also writes a Sunday column on Vaastu Shastra Malaysia’s leading newspaper The Star.
His latest book titled Vaastu Shastra Guide has hit the best seller list and it is now available in English and Tamil. The author can be contacted at 

—T. Selva is a renowned author from Malaysia. He will write a column on conscious living through Vasthu Sastra in India Empire starting next issue.

August 2008

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