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Ambassador Carmon In The Media

Indo-Israel diplomatic relations are in its 25th year. H.E. Mr Daniel Carmon, Ambassador of Israel to India, has been a driving force behind the deepening ties between Israel and India on several fronts. His views which have appeared in a cross-section of the Indian Media in recent times are reproduced below:

DSA, August 2014


Throughout the years we have witnessed a steady growth in every field of cooperation, including defence. We have similar challenges and they are only becoming bigger and more complex. It is essential that we work together to overcome these challenges. The two defence establishments are working together for a long period and are familiar with each other. We have great appreciation to the capabilities, experience and dedication of our Indian counterparts. This is an equal partnership that both sides have much to gain from. In every field, but especially in defence, we see our joint work as a two-way-street that both sides have a lot to learn from each other. This cooperation is transforming into a real partnership. We face very similar problems, we think of solutions together, we plan how we can implement those solutions and even produce them jointly. We are also forthcoming with sharing the technology that we have. Therefore, we can expect a continuation of increase in cooperation in defence in the years to come. 


The agriculture cooperation between Israel and India is unprecedented. It is the biggest agriculture project in which the Government of Israel is involved anywhere in the world and is done through MASHAV – Israel’s International Development Cooperation Agency. The Indo-Israel Agriculture Cooperation touches the lives and livelihood of millions of Indians and Israelis. The current work plan in which we are working on in 9 states together with the NHM, has proved itself to bring real increase in the productivity of many Indian farmers. In some places you see an increase of 5 times more produce in the same place using Israeli technology adapted to the Indian needs. In other places you see the rejuvenation of old mango trees that bring sweeter, bigger fruits and higher quantity of produce after using the methods developed by the Indian and Israeli farmers. The key here is the joint work and collaboration. It’s not enough to bring proven Israeli technology and knowledge. We have to adapt it to the requirements and needs of the Indian states and farmers and this is being done by both Indian and Israeli experts. Discussing the new work plan to begin in 2015, a process that began a short while back, is not merely a technical issue but it is an important step for creating the long-term vision of how and where we want this cooperation to lead us. Our success had proven we can even extend further this cooperation and focus on water facilities and water recycling as well as dairy industry.