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Ambassador Carmon In The Media

Indo-Israel diplomatic relations are in its 25th year. H.E. Mr Daniel Carmon, Ambassador of Israel to India, has been a driving force behind the deepening ties between Israel and India on several fronts. His views which have appeared in a cross-section of the Indian Media in recent times are reproduced below:


On Ganga Rejuvenation

"In last decade we have suffered from seven years of drought. There was national scarcity of water in Israel. Some technologies were developed and some technologies were revived including desalination. There is no lack of water in Israel, which is unique for our region where we are the only one to have water... This is one thing we are offering to India."

"Opportunities are endless. Companies can partner to purify water. In the Ganga rejuvenation project we can decide a certain area on the Ganga...where a plant or system can be used to purify or reuse or do something with water with Israeli capability. Water delegations have been visiting Israel. Just a month ago there was a delegation from Maharashtra that visited Israel. Our minister of agriculture was here in India and he was in Maharashtra, meeting with the chief minister. 


“It will be historic as it will be the first time first Indian prime minister will visit us. In 2017 we are going to celebrate and it will be an historic moment as we will celebrate 25 years of our diplomatic relationship with India."