Mail from Readers 

Your August cover story on Trinidad & Tobago was brilliant. Here is a country where the local Indians are virtually a million miles from their mother country but are strongly attached to their cultural moorings and traditions. In fact, the home country can learn how T&T has lifted itself from an economic backwater to developed status.
Vijendra Sharma

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. T&T undertook that journey forty four years ago upon gaining independence. Today it has many reasons to be proud. Chief among them is that T&T is not a tourism economy depending on brash Americans for their daily bread. Far from it. Their economy is in fact the engine of the Caribbean.
K. Raghunath
New York

T&T and its people are so vibrant that the twin islands are being wooed by Indiaís businesses and government. Everybody is directing their attention towards this Caribbean destination. Not just bureaucrats and businessmen, Iím sure in the days ahead there will be a massive flood of tourists to T&T and thatís when the two separate nations with one soul will meet. Right now thatís one thing missing.
Kapila Singh
New Zealand

You rightly point out that no matter how small a nation is and how far it is geographically from another, it is possible to develop and strengthen linkages and take them to the next higher level. While India and T&T have a lot to offer each other, New Delhi should look at further exploring and tieing up oil and gas supplies from this energy rich country. As the world scrambles for limited energy resources, a friendly T&T can be relied upon to assure us oil and gas. Thereís a lot more of it under the Caribbean Sea than T&T can pump out on its own. ONGC and Reliance must venture west.
Ramesh Sreekumar

INDIA EMPIRE deserves all credit for your efforts in bringing NRI-PIO news from all corners of the world. Iím pretty sure there isnít another magazine that makes the Indian presence felt like yours does. However, you guys focus too much on the US and Europe a bit of Asia. Iím sure there are Indians in Micronesia and Africa that are doing great work. I guess they deserve to be heard too.
Monica Kapoor

The Delhi governmentís big push into education is commendable and timely. Delhi is today one of the major educational hubs of the country and acts like a magnet for students from all across Inida. Itís a fact that a majority of students that apply in Delhi colleges and institutes of higher learning fail to get entry because of the huge competition. The new colleges and institutes will help a lot of anxious students lose their admission jitters.
Harish Krishna

The public-private partnership that brings in leading corporate lights like Cisco, LG, Toyota Kirloskar Motors etc will do something that has never been done before: make our graduates ready for hiring by the corporate world. Today, except for IITs, most Indian graduates have to undero a yearís training before they can be sent into battle. Also, the syllabi are outdated and graduates learn the basic fundamentals but are usually nor cutting-edge products. Hopefully, things will now change, and the system will provide additional training to students to make their courses far more practice oriented and improve the chances for their placement.
Atul Arya

The investment section is good as it puts everything in capsule form. Since it is obviously a condensed version, it would help if you give the link to the websites on your site.
Sanjay Jain

You have been cutting down your Bollywood section and itís reduced to just two pages sometimes. Where else can the lonely NRI read about his favourite actors and actresses but INDIA EMPIRE. Please increase the pages in the Bollywood section because thereís so much happening.
B. Pattnaik

September 2008

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