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Ambassador Carmon In The Media

Indo-Israel diplomatic relations are in its 25th year. H.E. Mr Daniel Carmon, Ambassador of Israel to India, has been a driving force behind the deepening ties between Israel and India on several fronts. His views which have appeared in a cross-section of the Indian Media in recent times are reproduced below:

In the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of visits and high level political engagement, which hardly happened before. After a long time, there was a ministerial visit to Israel in 2013 but after 2014, there have been hardly any limits to the number of visits. The relations are very well positioned but we are still part of this trend which started very low key. 



"Our message is, yes, Israel has the expertise, because it has been under threat. We do share similar challenges. We have the solutions. We can work together on the solution. We have shown in other areas that we can cooperate and this might and should be the case here as well. There is a need to confront terrorism. There is a tactical way to do this. There is an international, diplomatic way to do this and I am sure and confident that India knows exactly what it needs to do. 


On India becoming central to Israel’s policy over the years…

For years Israel has been looking West. It wasn’t a mistake. The mistake was not looking East. Looking East implies looking at our potential friends, our potential markets, and our potential priorities on bilateral relations. In the last 25 years since the establishment of our diplomatic relations we have found India to be a true friend, a reliable ally in various fields you’ve mentioned. Today, the areas of defence, agriculture, commerce, people-to-people contact combine to form the big puzzle called bilateral relations. We are relative newcomers to the Indian scene, after all 25 years isn’t a lot of time. But in these 25 years, together, we have achieved a lot, notwithstanding political impediments in the first few years. We have developed a very strong and reliable relationship. In the last about two years, the relationship has received an important ingredient—visibility. So we have a relationship that has content, vibrant and growing in different fields, we are identifying more and more areas of cooperation. We have a free market so to speak which is bringing its own business. There are plenty of private sector initiatives. We bring what we can as Government to these relations. As two free, democratic nations, the idea is not only to identify new areas, but also give a political umbrella and encouragement to those relations. We are inclined towards more people to visit both sides, for more people to do be doing business with one another, and for the Governments to strengthen relations at political and other levels.